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Propeller Drive Shaft for Daihatsu

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Transmission shaft is a high speed, less support of the rotating body, so its dynamic balance is very important. General transmission shaft before delivery into action balance test, and in the balancing machine has been adjusted. For front engine and rear-wheel drive vehicles, it is the shaft that transmits transmission rotation to the main reducer.

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It can be several knots, and the joints can be connected by universal joints.
Drive shaft is an important part of the transmission of power in the automobile transmission system, its role is to transfer the engine power to the wheels together with the transmission, drive axle, so that the car has a driving force.

Special automobile transmission shaft is mainly used in tank truck, tanker, sprinkler, sewage suction truck, suction tank, fire truck, high pressure cleaning car, road wrecker, aerial work car, garbage truck and other models.

The drive shaft is composed of a shaft tube, a telescopic sleeve and a universal joint. The expansion sleeve can automatically adjust the distance between the transmission and the drive axle. The universal joint is to ensure the change of the Angle between the output shaft and the input shaft of the driving axle, and realize the equiangular speed transmission of the two shafts.

In order to ensure the normal work of the drive shaft and extend its service life, attention should be paid to:
● It is strictly prohibited for cars to start in high gear.
● It is strictly prohibited to violently lift the clutch pedal.
● It is strictly prohibited to overload the car, speeding.
● The working condition of the drive shaft should be checked frequently.
● Should often check the fastening of the transmission shaft hanger, whether the supporting rubber is damaged, whether the connection parts of the transmission shaft are loose, whether the transmission shaft is deformed.
● In order to ensure the dynamic balance of the drive shaft, attention should always be paid to whether the balance solder is unwelded. The new drive shaft assembly is provided with a complete set. When the new drive shaft is loaded, attention should be paid to the assembly mark of the expansion sleeve, and the flange fork should be ensured in a plane. During maintenance and disassembly of the drive shaft, assembly marks should be printed on the expansion sleeve and flange shaft to keep the original assembly relationship unchanged when reassembling.
● Grease should be often filled for universal joint cross bearings. No. 3 lithium grease should be injected in summer and No. 2 lithium grease should be injected in winter.

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