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What are the matters needing attention in the use and maintenance of rice transplanter?

Rice transplanter is a planting machine that transplants rice seedlings in paddy fields. Its function is to improve the working efficiency and quality of transplanting rice seedlings, realize reasonable close planting, and facilitate the mechanization of follow-up operations.

Before the operation, to check the engine, transplanter working mechanism, walking and control mechanism. Check the main content of the engine is the amount of fuel, oil, the connection of the fastening parts of the situation, etc.; Check the main content of the transplanter working mechanism is the wear, deformation, lubrication and gap size of the transplanter feeding mechanism, crank, swing rod, seedling claw, planting fork and so on; Check the main contents of walking and operating mechanisms are clutch, driving wheel, steering clutch working conditions, the amount of oil in the gear box, the tightness of the V-belt, the amount of oil in the drive sprocket box, all kinds of control cable.

In the operation to the engine, transplanting work mechanism, walking mechanism and control mechanism adjustment. The main content of engine adjustment is the adjustment of spark plug clearance and the adjustment of carburetor idle speed. The main contents of transplanter working mechanism adjustment are plant spacing, plant number, transplanting depth, gap between needle and transplanting fork, etc. The main content of the adjustment of the walking and operating mechanism is: the adjustment of the cable.including the insertion of clutch lever cable, safety cable, hydraulic lifting handle cable, steering clutch cable and other clearance and sensitivity adjustment. If the clearance is too large or insensitive, the adjustment nut should be adjusted. At the same time, drop a few drops of oil in the holes of the cable to reduce the friction of the cable and increase sensitivity.

If the transplanter works for more than 100 hours, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance for the transplanter; Storage idle period maintenance is also called after season maintenance. Rice transplanter at the end of a working season often idle parking for a few months or even more than half a year, so do a good job of post-season maintenance, to extend the service life of the rice transplanter is very important.

If the transplanter is stuck in the paddy field, the rope should be tied to the rope hook in front of the fuselage for traction. Be sure not to tie the rope beyond the rope hook to pull the transplanter, otherwise it will cause deformation of the machine and damage to the machine. At the same time, remove all seedlings placed on the seedling carrying platform, the preparation seedling carrying platform, the machine platform and other unnecessary loads, and then traction.

Post time: 06-28-2021
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