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The potential for manufacturing is huge: over 90% of exports are manufactured goods

From a poor industrial background to a complete range of modern systems, from only the production of matches and soap to vehicles to go abroad, from technology following imitation innovation to technology leading independent innovation…… Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics released 70 years of data on China’s industrial economy, a picture of leapfrog development is gradually unfolding.

The real economy is the leading force driving economic development. We should continue to modernize industries and raise the level of manufacturing. Standing in the historical coordinate system of 70 years of industrial economic development looking forward, how can China’s industry achieve extraordinary achievements? What other measures should be taken to lay a solid foundation? The reporter interviewed industry experts.Institutional advantages and reform and opening up jointly create a miracle of development.

In 1952, the added value of industry reached 12 billion yuan; in 1978, it exceeded 160 billion yuan; in 2012, it passed 20 trillion yuan; and in 2018, it exceeded 30 trillion yuan. If we draw a line chart of industrial added value over the past 70 years, an accelerating and winding upward curve appears on the paper.

From 1952 to 2018, at constant prices, the added value of industry increased by 970.6 times, or an average annual growth rate of 11 percent. “This rate not only exceeds that of most of the world’s developing countries over the same period, but also exceeds the duration of growth in many of the leading industrialized countries over a similar period.” China macro-economic research institute industry industry room director pay Bao zong said.

The industrial scale continues to expand. “In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, relying on the institutional advantage of concentrating resources to accomplish big tasks, we focused our resources on the heavy industry sector, and the output of major industrial products such as crude oil and power generation grew rapidly.” Li Jiangtao, director of industrial economics teaching and research section of economics department of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, thinks that this laid a solid material and technological foundation for modernization.

Post time: 06-20-2021
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