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HANGZHOU SPEEDWAY IMPORT & EXPORT is a professional company export drive shaft parts and other parts.

What is a drive shaft?
Drive shaft is the main force transmission component in universal transmission device. The transmission is usually connected to the drive axle, or in the steering drive axle and split drive axle, to the differential and drive wheels. The drive shafts of agricultural trucks are single-section open, tubular, universal sliding fork with splines and two cross-shaft drive shafts with rolling needles. The structure characteristics of the transmission shaft in the process of agricultural truck driving, the relative position of the transmission and drive axle change frequently, to avoid interference, the shaft parts consists of sliding fork and spline shaft in sliding splined connection, in order to realize the change of the length of the shaft, in order to reduce wear and tear, and filling the nozzle of the grease, oil seal, blocking cover and dust cover. When the drive shaft is too long, the natural vibration frequency is reduced and the resonance is easy to occur, so it is often divided into two sections and the middle support. The front section is called the intermediate drive shaft, and the rear section is called the main drive shaft.

Post time: 10-11-2021
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